Upgrading Your Entry Doors in Bartow FL

Upgrading your home’s entry doors will improve your curb appeal while adding security. Adding a screened door will also keep the lawn cuttings and other debris from blowing into your home.

Bartow is further inland than most other Florida cities and is located near the center of “Lightning Alley”. The city has humid subtropical weather with hot, humid summers and comparatively cooler winters.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

Your front door needs to do more than enhance your home’s style. It should guard your family from elements and keep out intruders. And while door engineering breakthroughs don’t make the headlines like a new iPhone, your options for a durable, energy-efficient front door have come a long way in just a few years.

Fiberglass entry doors have become a real contender to solid wood doors, with convincingly textured fiberglass “skins” and a full range of hardware, glass and trim options. And while they can dents and scratch like any other door, the material is able to withstand most weather conditions and requires very little maintenance. A quick wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes to clean most dirt off a fiberglass door. They don’t expand and contract with seasonal temperature changes, so they’ll retain their color and appearance much longer than steel or wood. And because they’re insulated, you can cut your heating and cooling bills by up to 20%.

Screened Entry Doors

Adding a front door screen is an affordable way to let in the breeze and sunlight while keeping mosquitos, houseflies and other insects at bay. It’s also a smart upgrade to improve energy efficiency by cutting back on the transfer of hot and cold air between your home and the outdoors.

A screened front entry door also keeps grass cuttings, wasps’ nests and other landscape debris out of your vestibule. This is especially important in Florida where bug infestations are a year round problem.

Our screened entry doors are available with sidelights or as an optional top light (called a Dutch Door). They can be configured with pull-down, single and double retractable screens. They’re available in 36” and 80” sizes with a choice of factory painted colors. They come standard with Copper Creek Heritage hardware in Tuscan Bronze and White ClearView retractable screens. Added kickplates are also available and required for top-down screens. Dutch shelves are also available to support side-mounted screens.


While Bartow has a low crime rate, home burglaries still happen. Upgrading your doors to include multipoint locks and deadbolts can make your home more secure. These features are also ideal for preventing drafts and keeping your home energy-efficient.

Your entry door is your home’s first impression to visitors and guests. Adding a fresh coat of paint, decorative glass, or even wrought iron details is a great way to spruce up your entrance.

Your entry door frame and jamb are the key to your home’s integrity. When these are rotted, your doors are left vulnerable to intruders and weather damage. Fiberglass frames are more durable and won’t rot or warp like wood or other materials. They are also resistant to mold and mildew, making them a better choice for Florida’s humid climate. The skin of a fiberglass door is reinforced with many internal layers that help thwart potential intruders. This makes your home more secure and safe, allowing you to sleep soundly at night.


A front door says a lot about your home’s style. Make it stand out with color that highlights the architectural details of your house. Add visual appeal with grilles, between-the-glass blinds, and hardware. Choose a glass option that lets in natural light and maintains your privacy. Enhance your entry door’s energy efficiency by choosing a door with low-E glass and a tight seal.

Upgrading your entry doors is an investment that pays off in curb appeal and added value for your home when you decide to sell it in the future. A new front door also offers protection from intruders and harsh Florida weather conditions.

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